Rivista Quin - Marzo/Aprile 2020 - numero 37

Quin - Quaderno d'Interni

Marzo/Aprile 2020
numero 37



Official Test Drive


Event Wednesday, March 9, 2016

The windows of FutureLab have opened to accommodate the presentation of the new born home Jaguar F-PACE , the first SUV in the history of the ...

Raimondo Galeano

Raimondo Galeano

"The light gives shape and color, I give 'shape and color to the light"

The works of Galeano are made in the dark using pigments of light, when the work ...

Living Inside

Photo shooting  made in FutureLab by photographer Fabrizio Cicconi and Francesca Davoli stylist.


Serata 2 dicembre

Buffet dinner prepared by catering La Fenice (Bologna).

Evento Mini Country

Evento Mini Country





Evento Luglio 2018 - PLANNING

Sfilata Carla G

Evento Giugno 2018 - Sfilata Carla G

il coraggio di andare

Laura Pausini - il coraggio di andare feat Biaggio Antonacci

Shooting Noctis

Noctis Shooting


shooting Emu

Shooting Emu