The FutureLab building was recovered with an industrial archaeology approach in 2014. For many years the building, originally a barn, has been employed as a cellar where wine grapes were processed and the wine was bottled. Now this building, thanks to its fine glass walls, is harmoniously connected with the nature and the centuries-old woods surrounding it. During the renovation process we have always adopted eco-friendly solutions, combining together recycling techniques, a fresh and original style and a deep care for the environment. The renovation process involved the recovery of the building and a special attention to the eco-sustainability. The restoration project aimed at a zero-impact result, that was possible thanks to the installation of air-conditioners that employ renewable energy sources through photovoltaic systems. Furthermore, the heating system is fueled by pellets and wooden biomass, deriving from the pruning of the trees of the Tenuta, and rainharvesting and phytoremediation are practiced. Thanks to the adopted measures, the Tenuta Montemaggiore can guarantee a Green Life-style.